The Chief Creative Director and Majority Shareholder of Smartpeeps Company and Business Empire

Profile Summary

Kabelo Moutloane

Name: Kabelo Frans Moutloane
Nickname: Mr Smartpeeps
Company Position: C.E.O, Founder and Entrepreneur
Qualification: Bsc Dietetics (2005)
Professional Practice: Research Scientist and Mobile Practicing Dietician
Other Skills: Microsoft Software Programming
University: Sefako Mokgatho University

"Dreams are sometimes possible not always"

"Black Man Invention Science" What tears of joy and controversial story of how this scientist tried his luck to find this treasure knowledge; extreme thinking.

Specific and Objective Implementation Strategy

Direct from streets of Soweto city! This is a true inspiring story about a hard knock life scientist hustling to find success eager to develop a program in 2008 helping people with weight management; a university graduate introvert scientist working as a dietician with a very big problem of alcohol consumption abuse. Once upon a time in 2009 this scientist had a vision plan of using matrix mind games to enhance his boring program undermined by many clients he was seeing by then!! Just like that that’s how the typical research started with so much on it.

Measurable Challenges

During initial manifestation of this research this scientist realized that his mind often work so extremely intelligent when he is intoxicated with alcohol! Listen to this!! unaware for 8 years this scientist 75% conducting his research as days goes by he used alcohol to gain more knowledge keeping him concentrated not to lose focus on building this dream invention continuing to grow maturely as he gains ability power to execute. As you read his passion journey to success novel story book you will see how kabelo found it hard under difficult circumstances to have lost more than half a million rand total expenses hard earned non funding cash tying to innovate this science to your best interests without people buying his product who knows maybe by then his diet was not yet ready unlike at this stage.

Achievable Success

Kabelo has spent so much time, nonstop concentration to execute effectively this now worth multi-billion dollar medical innovation so this science story is not something that he just woke up earlier today and decides to address something of this magnitude. Today as we speak that man on the above picture is one of the greatest inventors of all time in history of science and whether we agree or not his classic invention will go down with history as one of the best medical conventional obesity solution ever made worldwide and not even bags full of gold’s, silver and diamonds could afford to buy this classic idea but people paying so less to get.

Relevant Research

We love the fact that issues concerning diets and weight management often add more interests in the eyes of many therefore it will not be strange to see this type diet immediately makes an impact because there has been so much in science still outstanding to solve this problem and not in this lifetime there can be a diet of any fashion matches academic standard of dieting that was set by kabelo in every part of the universe it could be in USA, UK, AUS and anywhere this diet will always be extraordinary exceptional with 60% non-debatable unreachable added knowledge and never there could be another person to attempt this invention.

Time Frame

This is a simple, very addictive and enjoyable dieting therapy providing so much greater health benefits through mobile addressing a much increasing global obesity problem coupled with stress and depression founded by a 170 brain networking data equations defining exactly this science well orchestrated for 8 years 24/7. The way this climax diet is so interesting a week is enough to feel some butterflies start moving on your tummy and just after this invention there are 98% possibilities that this solution could become the end conventional solution in obesity science made initially from mind games nutrition science idea.