The Chief Creative Director and Majority Shareholder of Smartpeeps Company and Business Empire

Profile Summary

Kabelo Moutloane

Name: Kabelo Frans Moutloane
Nickname: Mr Smartpeeps
Company Position: C.E.O, Founder and Entrepreneur
Qualification: Bsc Dietetics (2005)
Professional Practice: Research Scientist and Mobile Practicing Dietician
Other Skills: Microsoft Software Programming
University: Sefako Mokgatho University

"Dreams are sometimes possible not always"

"Black Man Invention Science" What tears of joy and controversial story of how this scientist tried his luck to find this treasure knowledge; extreme thinking.

Strategic challenges: Summary story novel of a black man invention science what a never die attitude to create this super mega solution.

This is a summary story of a one scientist at Soweto who is a qualified dietitian struggling to get success and clients for his dietetic services being undermined so much where he was working in one of the private hospitals. With stress hitting him hard he became alcoholic unaware thinking that his problems will run away. One day when this guy was sleeping heavily intoxicated he had a vision of using mind games to try creating a diet program. That's how smart peeps beautiful diet was born at Soweto in year 2009 from day 1 to 3450 days kabelo never stop working on this project.

Measurable planning: What an amazing development story science

Kabelo during the onset of this extreme thinking research realised that when he is drunk his mind is very intelligent and smart turned out not aware that almost 70% of time in 10 years spent on smart peeps project and product he was drinking alcohol almost daily just to manifest that special form of intelligence non_stop concentration developing this exciting motion science dieting program. Forget about word "Mind Games" and let's not judge the book by it's cover today now we talking about a program that revised dieting science by up to 60% additional knowledge.

Achievable success: Why this world class academic record breaking dieting research is far advance in science? Mother of all the diets

Anywhere in the world whether we are in South Africa, USA, UK or so fact is during this invention development from A_Z kabelo has never copy anyone's work or research. With so much congestion and traffic about dieting just to be clear this is not a diet program that people can imitate or copy because you will never find this information knowledge anywhere even if you can go to all the best academic institutions, universities or reading lots of books that teaches people about weight management only kabelo who is teaching this scope to such extended knowledge worldwide.

Relevant research: Could this solution bring us closer to the end of dieting conflicts without politics?

The problem with some researchers if not many we start a research while we already have answers on our minds but with this medical invention therapy things we're different because kabelo had no clue at all about the outcomes. The electromagnetic meditation motion science! just there where everyone is unable to think more than enough about obesity and dieting this scientist will create something magical and amazing that could easily solve this problem 10 out 10. Today you are blessed with a legacy knowledge that not even bags full of gold, diamonds and silver can buy.

Time frame: How much valuable this scientist knowledge worth? The multi billion pounds academic invention. Black Man Invention

It sounds funny but it's real from mind games data concept this scientist will operate your brain magically combining 5 academic skills to build his method in 10 years of development using 30% dietetic science, 30% IT programming science, 25% analytic science, 10% Psychological science and 5% physiological science . What kabelo did here we can all call it "The criminal science" because not even after 100 years this clinical diet program will ever be recreated by any person.

There is about 170 mechanism steps that define this dieting technology from where it started and end. Do not be tempted when you see how easy the end product is and think you can wake up in the morning to do something looks like this academic work that will be a day kabelo not be bored drinking very expensive whisky watching that particular person chasing endless ghosts while trying.