Did we had any specific diet that address weight gain to such extended knowledge?_The N.E.I study "Mother of all diets"

Neurotronic and Minimax IQHE diet -( Intelligent Quotient Hunger Energy) on this chapter we are going to talk about academic invention and digital management system that address weight management in unfamiliar fashion never before explained to such knowledge. We don't know how far you heard about dieting but something is there on this program never knew since the first day you were introduced to any diet worldwide. What we do on smartpeeps program you are simply given a well researched 5 case studies practiced on daily routine through mobile phone. Tell us what you think after completing 18 day mobile framework if what you see is not the most outstanding dieting solution of all time.

The only medical and specialist program in entire world based on scientific evidence of how we eat in connection to meditation

Minimax process is a time-speed motion pattern explaining cause of obesity redevelopment unaware. What you see below is neuro cycle showing switch charge mechanism of how progressing obesity develops with more science of how we eat in connection to meditation.

The future science of how dieting should be redefined

Did you know obesity is a Neuroscience medical procedure? Come, join and read this interesting case study app to know more about.

Case study 1: Defining Diets & Weight Loss

Weight loss outcomes in science is showing energy between CHO, PRO and FAT always lesser therefore there is insufficient evidence that a diet during food variety can be in form of 1 or 2 out 3 macronutrients differs. Low Fat, High CHO diet, High PRO Low FAT diet e.t.c.

Case study 2: Defining Food Cravings, Meditation & Weight Gain

It is natural to think about which food you want to eat therefore through creative diet planning schedule and SMART exercise meditation including stress management it is possible to control food cravings without frustrations eating any food and still avoids weight gain.

Case study 3: Defining Functional Eating Habits & Weight Gain

Time energy you think about what to eat (IQ depression) is influenced by decision making and Time energy when you eat (Hunger Appetite) is influenced by state of feeling fullness avoiding maximum satiety and high energy threshold of 50% Carbohydrates, 40% Fat and 10% Protein.

Case Study 4: Defining Decisions, Portion Management & Weight Loss

Decision making and portion management influence energy availability through IQ or something called CCAQ therefore think about any food you want to eat; meat, ice creams, vegetables, pie summarized at low energy index of below 25% Carbohydrates, 20% FAT and 5% Protein.

Case study 5: Defining Food Intake & Anorexic Management

During variety cycle when hunger appetite volume is lesser food intake should be increased sensible to avoid long term excess calorie mismanagement which could lead to new condition identified as *DS_FIRST* Dual Stage Food Intake Recurrent Syndrome Transition. Before people develop anorexia they go through this stage multiple times.

There are 60% possibilities that we redefine dieting experience while reeducating people about weight management without frustrations.

How we decide about food is something automated taking place somewhere in the brain under area defined as Food Thoughts Centre (FTC). Before we can talk about diet energy our introspection science is showing a risk process defined as "electromagnetic motion science" easily causing 60% of total obesity development unaware. As you see on above sketch body and mind are able to convert <red dot> digested energy into 2 form of charged energy defined as IQ depression and Hunger Appetite. The only natural evidence found in history of science about meditation and food physiology.

Article document: 2009/SMFRD 01/PB2016.05.08