Did you know obesity and gaining weight is a neuroscience?

On smartpeeps app you will find online library document containing a very intelligent eating program built in a form of 5 case study guidelines and examples. Smart exercise app that will make you think twice when start planning what to eat and while following this 5 steps there is something interesting want to show you: the Past, Present and Future tense behaviour science of how body and mind switch energy in a form of IQ depression and Hunger Appetite.

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World class 5 step eating plan discussing part of dieting through meditation and time. The Minimax IQHE diet

Minimax process is a time-speed motion pattern explaining cause of obesity redevelopment unaware. What you see below is neuro cycle showing switch charge mechanism of how progressing obesity develops with more science of how we eat in connection to meditation.

The characteristics of this 5-step eating plan increases awareness from moment start thinking about food to that moment start eating.

Practice 1: How to avoid weight gain through meditation and time?

Hunger appetite (State of feeling fullness) is completed by when your diet reaches 50% CHO, 40% FAT and 10% PRO. Based on hunger it is through decisions that we start seeing ourselves gaining weight. How do we analyse diet energy because something is not adding up?

Practice 2: How to control cravings through meditation and time?

The moment mind often think about food (IQ Depression) is noted as possible time you more likely to start eating (Hunger Appetite). Based on hunger through decisions we can minimize or maximize time you start thinking about food controlling cravings but still eating any food.

Practice 3: How to switch energy through meditation and time?

Time energy you think about what to eat (IQ depression) is influenced by decision making and Time energy when you eat (Hunger Appetite) is influenced by state of feeling fullness avoiding maximum satiety and high energy threshold of 50% Carbohydrates, 40% Fat and 10% Protein.

Practice 4: How to achieve weight loss through meditation and time?

The moment body feels to have something inside the stomach (Hunger Appetite) is noted as possible time you more likely to start thinking about food (IQ Depression). Based on hunger through decisions you can give your body any food but summarised at portion energy index of below 25%CHO, 20% FAT & 5% PRO the only time you can start losing weight.

Practice 5: How to control eating disorder through meditation and time?

The time hunger appetite volume (State of feeling fullness) is becoming lesser body send responsive message to our brains and through IQ depression food intake can be increased. To what extent should we increase or decrease food intake? Only If we can respond accurate from that moment start feeling to eat to that moment start making decisions it should be easy to avoid eating disorder.

What kabelo teaching you about dieting is a limited edition noted as unavailable scope in any university worldwide. Just 18 days get all the facts why rating this eating plan simply the best..

Kabelo’s work is based on the science behind what described as 2-time frame indicators that controls and maximize energy in human body stated on his invention filling as IQ Depression and Hunger-Appetite. How we eat is something automated even after 300 years our minds still to think about food and still going to have something look like eggs, bread, fruits, milk or so nothing to change. Just enjoy the most creative eating plan in entire world.

Article document: 2009/SMFRD 01/PB2016.05.08