How you differentiate SmartPeeps program with competitors

What this scientist did best was to edit dieting quality up to 6 times making this whole story 10 out 10. You will find a very interesting depression management communication app just work on it in regular basis combining activities from case study exercise 1 and 2 on your smartphones.

  1. No specific diet plan of what to eat or not and no cookig lectures or recipe books.
  2. No prepacked meals that we deliver to your home on addition to our program.
  3. No pills, injections or nutritional supplements given on addition to this program.
  4. Just opportunity to exercise your knowledge and creativity.

Maybe this could be some few questions you will love to ask about our mobile sessions and data capturing

This program is able to address stress depression, food cravings, and hunger appetite while improving IQ controlling Fat and sugar from your diet without cutting any food. Enjoy this fun learning software program nothing difficult just a basic app easy to use and customised to your knowledge.

What is interesting about smartpeeps mobile data program?

This is world class dietetic service and no work was copied from any diet program worldwide.

How can I benefit from this mobile data program?

There is a data charge code behaviour management system programmed on this app somehow simply adjust your perception towards food through back and Front end data capturing

How long does this program take?

This is shortest program ever only 18 days then our objectives are reached if you enjoyed do it repeatedly what we know 1 or 2 sessions is enough for this technique technology to stay on your mind and go on without the app.

Is there any specific food that I must eat or buy during this program?

Nope not at all it is meditation you eat what your mind desires because according to our research human brain can think, recall and automated to see food up to 64 times. See brochure on App

What do you mean about back end and front data capturing?

OK let's say from food chart you recall to eat any type bread, eggs and bacon for breakfast. With back end phase you make a forward recalling before consumption listing what you want to eat getting portion variations while fixing your program for future references.

Let's say you login after 5 hours or later. Front end phase let you simply make backward recalling after consumption listing what was eaten and how fixing your program for future references.

See the below table showing a product sample

Dietary Conversion

  • Breakdown energy procedure & analysis
  • Macronutrient Variation Ratio 1 & 2
  • 24 hour variation CHO% FAT% & PRO% procedure

Front End Dietary Data Program

Light Energy Process

  • Hunger Appetit Energy Process
  • IQ Depression Process

Back End Brain
Data Program