This product first of its own kind theory app in the field of medicine science made of 7 step features + 5 case study followed online

Good question that most people will ask is what else smartpeeps diet will it provides competitors doesn't know while there is so much diets that we have seen worldwide? Our activity program is divided into 2 modules follow in a form of data code through mobile phone.

Module 1: Relationship between IQ mood swings and hunger_appetite cycle
Module 2: Recharging Nutrition Energy Into Human Science Nuclear Meditation
18 Day Weight Plan: 0.5 - 3kg applying 40% - 100% IQ

Getting Started

Step 1: Software registration

First step you register with smartpeeps right here on the website thereafter browse on mobile phone. You will find our app 7-step material framework, and this is where you will start working online using your smartphones anywhere in the world

Step 2: Customised training available

Our methodically designed app is made into a case study program without paying anything we are introducing you to this exciting product by firstly allowing you to use project 1 module (Demo version) for free as we prepare you the project 2 module. There is 60% creativity added by this dietetic program making weight management more fun and smarter through this design Click Your Brain Notify me APP system

Step 3: Be Active Online Regularly

Once you are online regularly using our mobile Click Your Brain Notify Me App design program often through smartphones we have outlined the step by step basic guidelines on the training page to understand the system. If necessary schedule a training session will try level best to help you where you do not understand and please focus on getting activities right while enjoying being smarter weight loss will eventually come.


Step 4: Make Payments

To activate the app fully let's make payments for more excitement just go to contact us page you will find whereabouts on what need to do to make payments. We are working days and nights that everyone should access this product.

Logging at for 10 minutes daily in 18 days we give you routine simple training on how to write and install our eating program on your thoughts through depression management

Step 1: Print food brochure in colour
Step 2: You save details to combine activities to module 2
Step 3: It's about decision making how you want to create diet profile
Step 4: Learn about the 3 step portion science formulation
Step 5: Back end that's where you should know more about module 1
Step 6: Front end that's where you should know more about module 2
Step 7: PrintThis is part you edit consumption

While going through 7-step App features nicely implement the given 5 case studies discussed on science page to know more about our diet program

Smartpeeps Mobile
Smartpeeps Mobile

Not just an ordinary app but invention inside the app – Chemical charge formula drive demonstrating partnership science between mind, body and food. Full meditation science!

This are conclusion statements derived from our study project and knowing more about how we come to this finding you have to go fully through this program for 18 days.

Communication step 5 of app: The relationship between IQ and Hunger appetite. H-A volume of how food looks in the brain. Module 1

Communication step 6 of app: How to deal with driving forces when body send energy signals to our brain? The nuclear Nutrition - Module 2

That process often click when subconscious mind question itself about what to eat, ate or not, we call it a “one code sourcenuclear nutrition – The Past, Present and Future theory relationship between body, mind on food. This what happen on this part of app

  • The Past scenario says "I remember I ate chocolate
  • The Present scenario says "I feel like I can eat chocolate now
  • The Future scenario says "but I can still eat chocolate later

Communication step 3 of app: There is always an answer for every food mind prefers to eat- Food consumption and scheduling strategy planning

User: You tell your brain what you want to eat.
Brain replies by helping you to eat what you prefer.
User: You tell your brain how you want to eat.
Brain replies by giving you ideas to choose any portion size for any food you prefer to eat.
User: You tell your brain when you want to eat.
Brain replies by reminding you not to forget what you ate.