Getting Started

Step 1: Software registration

First step you register with smartpeeps right here on the website thereafter browse on mobile phone. You will find our app 7-step material framework, and this is where you will start working online using your smartphones anywhere in the world

Step 2: Customised training available

Our methodically designed app is made into a case study program without paying anything we are introducing you to this exciting product by firstly allowing you to use project 1 module (Demo version) for free as we prepare you the project 2 module. There is 60% creativity added by this dietetic program making weight management more fun and smarter through this design Click Your Brain Notify me APP system

Step 3: Be Active Online Regularly

Once you are online regularly using our mobile Click Your Brain Notify Me App design program often through smartphones we have outlined the step by step basic guidelines on the training page to understand the system. If necessary schedule a training session will try level best to help you where you do not understand and please focus on getting activities right while enjoying being smarter weight loss will eventually come.


Step 4: Make Payments

To activate the app fully let's make payments for more excitement just go to contact us page you will find whereabouts on what need to do to make payments. We are working days and nights that everyone should access this product.

The only innovation diet program looks different worldwide

For the first time in a dieting program worldwide US, UK, Australia, SA so on; you are not going to be taught how to cook, follow low carbs recipe books, what to eat or not but doing something extraordinary different. Smartpeeps HDVR Program first of its kind classic psychology Health Digital Virtual Reality chemistry system on smartphones demonstrating part of dieting and weight management never seen before.

Get roasted, deep fried and oven baked by one and only classic psychology flipside eating plan innovation set to attract 1 billion people studying this creativity on their smartphones by 2035

Is it a diet or a medical drug?

  • Best of all time outstanding dieting program worldwide
  • Best of all time obesity prevention technology
  • One of the greatest inventions of all time in history of medicine science
  • Most expensive app in history of smartphones
  • 5 combined academic skills to develop this product in 12 years

Based on market research there is a need to improve creativity on dieting and nowhere in entire world USA, UK, SA and more will ever find any dieting program of such extended intelligence

The only premium and higher grade dieting program ever designed in history of medicine science worldwide irreplaceable, exceptional, priceless and golden competing on a league of its own.

  • Imagine you are in a diet program never told what food to eat or not?
  • Imagine you are in a diet program never taught how to cook?
  • Will you not be bored if a program every time is showing you lowcarbs cookbooks?

This flipside eating plan is invention program on mobile software works like a "computer disk" in our brains rewind, pause, record and fast forward your thinking using food as catalyst eliminating stress

We acknowledge the fact that our dieticians did a very good work in various trainings about healthy eating and dieting; still on addition to all that there is part of scope never knew like to share it with you through smartphones. In a nutshell this program has set a highest standard intervention science we shall never see again in any program that can be developed for dieting in entire world.

We call it mother of all the diets worldwide but why?

In conclusion this product is talking about meditation in dieting something no weight management program will ever be able to prove until end of time.

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