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Step 1: Software registration

First step you register with smartpeeps right here on the website thereafter browse on mobile phone. You will find our app 7-step material framework, and this is where you will start working online using your smartphones anywhere in the world

Step 2: Customised training available

Our methodically designed app is made into a case study program without paying anything we are introducing you to this exciting product by firstly allowing you to use project 1 module (Demo version) for free as we prepare you the project 2 module. There is 60% creativity added by this dietetic program making weight management more fun and smarter through this design Click Your Brain Notify me APP system

Step 3: Be Active Online Regularly

Once you are online regularly using our mobile Click Your Brain Notify Me App design program often through smartphones we have outlined the step by step basic guidelines on the training page to understand the system. If necessary schedule a training session will try level best to help you where you do not understand and please focus on getting activities right while enjoying being smarter weight loss will eventually come.


Step 4: Make Payments

To activate the app fully let's make payments for more excitement just go to contact us page you will find whereabouts on what need to do to make payments. We are working days and nights that everyone should access this product.

The Biggest Obesity Science Study Project in History

No medical university in entire world has ever conducted very huge wellness stimulation study project of this magnitude in academic history of dietetics. We have no idea with number of many diets, and treatment methods you have successfully enjoyed previously but just at the end of anything to do with dieting there is this one last standing innovation addressing the scope of obesity science extra matured in unfamiliar fashion never knew before despite so many diets explored.

Who else you know anywhere in entire world USA, UK and SA is addressing dieting to such extended knowledge how this scientist by the name of kabelo at smartpeeps is doing it?

Though, our dietitians did outstanding work to find the best possible dietary guidelines to lose weight through diets, still in addition to all that there is this other part about dieting never knew again like to share with you through smartpeeps innovation. Many dieticians and doctors will honestly tell you they never come across such an amazing intervention system describing weight management in such extended knowledge worldwide USA, UK, SA, and many more.

New Dieting Strategy Based On Meditation

Think dieting outside of the box

Our milestone and facts referring to obesity science worldwide

  • No academic institution ever conducted wellness study of this magnitude
  • No medical scientist has ever achieved such amazing findings about dieting
  • No weight management program has ever redefined dieting in this extended level

Just a question "yes or no" apart from teaching people how to cook or reading cookbooks do we still have enough creativity to enhance the scope of dieting?

Not convinced if there is a diet or any low-carb high-fat cookbooks you can get anywhere in the entire world with enough creativity that can replace the art of how this genius teaches you about dieting. What this amazing scientist did best on his innovation technology was to teach you most things never knew since the first day introduced to how dieting works despite so many diets ever been through in all these years. Whether we pick 10 of the best diet programs worldwide combining them into one still insufficient to provide a standard of dieting set by this genius.

With so much interesting stories we have seen about dieting how did Kabelo come up with something unique not even combined knowledge of top 10 best diets in the world never outlined?

Now when we are done talking about dieting and time for cooking lessons are over at end of the day when the sun has set there is this amazing missing scope even a 10 year old smart child will also enjoy studying it but a 1000 combined brains of medical scientist and professors will never unlock this missing scope and Jesus could even come finding them nowhere closer to what this genius did. Who developed smartpeeps explosive science? The Blackman Invention.

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