The Paydiet Service – Unlocking Step 6

Step 1 Payment: EFT Transactions

Pay R500.00 on this account to load 40 units on your app account
Standard Bank
Account # 10079754889
Holder: Mmoledi

  • Module 1 is free to use but can only allow you to implement case study 2 and 5
  • Module 2 *Pay module* allows you to add case studies 1, 3, and 4 to complete
  • Please Note: Step 1 payment use registered name as reference
  • Please Note: You can use PAYPAL when buying this app outside South Africa

Getting Started

Step 1: Software registration

First step you register with smartpeeps right here on the website thereafter browse on mobile phone. You will find our app 7-step material framework, and this is where you will start working online using your smartphones anywhere in the world

Step 2: Customised training available

Our methodically designed app is made into a case study program without paying anything we are introducing you to this exciting product by firstly allowing you to use project 1 module (Demo version) for free as we prepare you the project 2 module. There is 60% creativity added by this dietetic program making weight management more fun and smarter through this design Click Your Brain Notify me APP system

Step 3: Be Active Online Regularly

Once you are online regularly using our mobile Click Your Brain Notify Me App design program often through smartphones we have outlined the step by step basic guidelines on the training page to understand the system. If necessary schedule a training session will try level best to help you where you do not understand and please focus on getting activities right while enjoying being smarter weight loss will eventually come.


Step 4: Make Payments

To activate the app fully let's make payments for more excitement just go to contact us page you will find whereabouts on what need to do to make payments. We are working days and nights that everyone should access this product.

How does the Paydiet service work?

  • Once made payment we load 20 units on your app account and that 1 unit we deduct equals to a single 18 day program.
  • We charge R25.00 for that 18 day period decided to use our invention scope
  • There is a section on app called "Step 2: The Paydiet Service" every time you click activate diet plan on that section we deduct 1 unit. The 1 unit we deduct its an indication that you are ready to start 18 day short program using our information.

How does the Paydiet service work?

  • Units do not expire but every time you click activate diet plan we make deductions
  • You can come after 10 years the day you decided to use our science can still use them.

How does the Paydiet service work?

  • The main goal is try to go through this program until it reaches the 18th day so that you can be rewarded with a weight loss of 0.5-3 kg based on IQ of 40-100%.
  • • Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you want to learn how to think dieting outside the box

Why you must pay for app units while other apps are free?

You pay for a literature invention scope found inside the app addressing part of dieting millions of people never knew.

Contact Us

Whatsapp   0814316629

Use contact form and please note with the volume of emails receiving on daily basis concerning this product we may not respond immediately but give us a turn around of 3 days should get back to you.

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