The Don't be afraid to try smartpeeps innovation what only need to do is enjoy activities and stay focus.

What you see is not one of ordinary diets ever came across, but inside this app there is what kabelo considered as the most intelligent wellness psychology research ever conducted in history of human science.

As we continue to discuss the app on website just watch the sequence of how smartpeeps classroom app prevent obesity

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When you get to classroom 1 of app 10 defition that outline the whole program

  1. Minimax vector
  2. Desire gap
  3. Appetite drive
  4. False hunger alert
  5. Hunger volume
  6. IQ-Depression
  7. The Y-behaviours
  8. The Z-behaviours
  9. Mindset clock
  10. Rotation behaviour

A. App Impact Stategy 1:

First thing this app does is working with your brain cells improving IQ memory naturally.

B. App Impact Stategy 2:

While improving memory through programmed learning activities this e-charge app patiently mingles with what identifies as "stress levels electrons" preventing increasing pressure arising from increasing food awareness

D. App Impact Stategy 4:

Once able to identify "false Hunger alert" there is no ways in science this e-charge app fails to treat uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol eating any food while easily managing food cravings and awareness through understanding theory 3: Appetite drive

C. App Impact Stategy 3:

While the stress electrons levels are controlled inside this app there's a routine pattern that prevent what we call theory 4: "false hunger alert".

E. App Impact Stategy 5:

Before this e-charge app get to weight loss it first alert with gaining weight. Theory 7 and 8: The Y and Z behaviour.

The ABCDE checkmate obesity solution