The controversial Bio-idea story: Black live matter and black can think of amazing inventions.

Profile Summary

Kabelo Moutloane

Name: Kabelo Frans Moutloane
Nickname: Mr Smartpeeps
Company Position: C.E.O, Founder and Entrepreneur
Qualification: Bsc Dietetics (2005)
Professional Practice: Research Scientist and Mobile Practicing Dietician
Other Skills: Microsoft Software Programming
University: Sefako Mokgatho University

"Dreams are sometimes possible not always"

Amazing true story of Kabelo "Mr smartpeeps" first black person to study multi billion pounds invention science with intoxicated brain drinking alcohol getting drunk everyday but executing one of biggest projects in South Africa and entire world.

What were challenges faced by this scientist?

Made in Soweto city a story of Kabelo; university graduate working somewhere in Lenasia private hospital with degree in dietetics suffering from alcohol consumption but trying to develop a diet program which was laughed by many of clients consulting.

Can you believe that someone was drunk when he was thinking about this idea?

One day when this scientist was heavily intoxicated sleeping had a vision to use mind games redeveloping his boring program that's how it started.

What surprised this scientist was when he was drunk listening to music louder his mind was intelligently flowing with ideas so opted always to drink alcohol 60% of 12 years while doing this research innovating something amazing.

5 combined academic skills to developed

  1. Applied Dietetics Science 30%
  2. Applied Data Analytics 25%
  3. Applied Computer Science 30%
  4. Applied Psychological Science 10%
  5. Applied Physiological Science 5%

This is not a fluke: whether you combine 1000 combined brains of highly rated scientists from all the best universities in the world, ask them to recreate this genius work. The sun will rise and set for 1000 years to come not close but far from what these scientists did.

The 1.7.0 equation: Hundred and seventy analytic steps to figure out this science.

Train your brain to train your body because there cannot be a cure in science to end obesity

Food thought and Central Nervous System memory centre science is showing 1% part that is naturally think about food everyday therefore the same pattern science causing people to gain weight today through food consumption is the very same pattern science after 1000 years still going to cause people to gain weight.